Zhuanzhuan makes debut at COP28, the first Chinese secondhand platform on the global stage

DUBAI, UAE, Dec. 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- This is a report from the All-China Environment Federation (ACEF): COP refers to the United Nations Climate Change Conference, which is one of the world's most important summits on climate change. This year, COP28 is taking place at Expo City, Dubai in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Zhuanzhuan, a leading circular economy company in China, becomes the first company that attends COP in second-hand industry. As an excellent example of China's practice of circular economy for carbon reduction and carbon inclusion, Zhuanzhuan has generated buzz and been widely discussed on various related topics.

During COP28 official press conference on the theme of "Ecological civilization and climate change" which organized by All-China Environment Federation, Chen Xiaochen, president of Sustainable Development Committee of Zhuanzhuan, indicated that second-hand trading has great potential for carbon emission reduction. For example, buying a second-hand mobile phone will help reduce 25kg CO2 equivalent per unit, which is more than half of the carbon footprint of a new one. Meanwhile, it's the most accessible and easiest way to reduce carbon emissions to most people in our daily life. "Second-hand trading can meet the need of continuous pursuits of better life without compromising our Earth. It is one of the most important ways to carbon neutrality and carbon inclusion." Chen said.

To this end, Zhuanzhuan builds a C2B2C platform with Quality Inspection at its core. By reshaping business in terms of pricing, fulfillment services, quality of goods, etc., Zhuanzhuan creates a brand- new second-hand trading experience for the many people.

This helps second-hand goods appear in the large-scale international sports tournaments for the first time. Zhuanzhuan became the official supplier for the 31st World University Games in Chengdu, providing delegates with free lending services of 10,000 "officially inspected" second-hand mobile phones. It not only solved the communication problems among delegates, but also practiced the concept of low-carbon and green development. The Universiade side spoke highly of this cooperation.

Xiang Changfeng, co-founder of Zhuanzhuan, shared this low-carbon operation experience to the world at the side event, themed "Circular Economy Supporting Carbon Reduction". He showed the industry a new perspective on low-carbon and environmental issues, and demonstrated more possibilities for second-hand trading in tackling with climate change and achieving carbon neutrality.

The successful practice of Zhuanzhuan becomes the most notable Chinese case at COP28. It is selected into excellent example of "China's Practice of Circular Economy for Carbon Reduction" in Research Report on Circular Economy Supporting Peak Carbon Dioxide Emissions, issued by China Association of Circular Economy. Moreover, it becomes the best practice in green consumption, presenting in "Development of China's Carbon Inclusion and Corporate Practices" report released by the Institute of Energy, Environmental and Economy, Tsinghua University.

Report shows that Zhuanzhuan have helped reduced 3.258 million tons of carbon emission, saved 4403GWh electricity until 2022. It has also sold more than 26 million books, which equals to the protection of 220 thousand trees.

Duan Maosheng, professor and deputy director of the Institute of Energy, Environment and Economy, Tsinghua University, indicates that carbon emission reduction requires joint efforts from all parties, including both the production side and consumption side. There is great potential for carbon inclusion, especially in low-carbon consumption scenarios. Zhuanzhuan, among all other companies, takes voluntary actions towards carbon inclusion, recycling and selling second-hand items, which is very eye-catching and innovative.

Zhuanzhuan CEO Huang Wei says, the goal of carbon neutrality not only relies on cooperation mechanisms between countries, and macro strategies such as clean energy and electrification, but also requires the participation of everyone. "I hope that more people would join the journey of carbon neutrality, because we believe all great things come from small beginnings. Cohesion is formidable."

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