JA Solar's High-Efficiency Modules Applied in Pakistan's First n-Type Photovoltaic Power Plant

BEIJING, Dec. 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- JA Solar and Orient Energy Systems have completed Pakistan's first n-type photovoltaic (PV) power plant project. Since its operation in September 2023, the modules' excellent power generation performance has been highly recognized by the customer.

Established in 1996, Orient Energy Systems is one of the top three PV EPC contractors in Pakistan, providing specialized one-stop PV power solutions. The company is committed to a cleaner, greener and more sustainable Pakistan and is a local star performer with extensive experience in the PV sector.

The project, which adopts JA Solar's n-type high-efficiency modules, has a capacity of 26MW and is installed in the open space of the Lucky Cement plant, the largest cement manufacturer in Pakistan. It is JA Solar's first shipment of n-type modules in Pakistan, and is also the first PV power plant in Pakistan to adopt n-type modules. The project adopts a "self-generation and self-consumption" model to meet the plant's power needs, realizing self-sufficiency in energy and effectively reducing energy costs. At the same time, cement manufacturing is a highly energy-consuming industry, the application of PV helps to reduce fossil energy consumption, reduce carbon emissions, and promote the green transformation of energy-consuming industries.

The project is located in a desert area in Pakistan, and JA Solar's n-type modules have the advantages of lower degradation, better temperature coefficient, higher bifacial power generation gains, and better low irradiance performance, which allow them to generate higher power generation gains even when operating in high-temperature environments in the desert. In addition, the higher ground reflectivity of the local area also allows JA Solar's n-type modules to generate more back-side power gains. Meanwhile, JA Solar's n-type modules have been certified and recognized by a number of authorities, including TÜV SÜD, which fully demonstrates the excellent reliability of this type of product and provides a strong guarantee for the long-term stable operation of the power plant.

SOURCE JA Solar Technology Co., Ltd.

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