AYAYI® leads the next generation of PHYGITAL brand, building a 'Real Utopia'

SHANGHAI, Dec. 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- As the world's top-valued hyper-realistic virtual influencer, AYAYI officially launches her eponymous brand AYAYI® In 2023.

Building on years of deep cultivation in the digital content and virtual technology, AYAYI® innovatively proposes the PHYGITAL brand concept: a state of combining physical and digital substantial presence, to create a unique aesthetic style and product forms exclusive to the brand.


Pioneering the PHYGITAL Revolution in a New Era

As the digital tide continues to surge, a revolution known as "PHYGITAL" state is quietly rising. Technologies like AR and MR are deeply integrating the digital and physical worlds. Following the development of generative technologies, individuals are able to customize substantial characteristics.

AYAYI® captures the pulse of the era with its innovative PHYGITAL product forms, dissolving the boundaries between the 'virtuality' and the 'reality', and setting new benchmarks for the future brand building. AYAYI® envisions that the future products will no longer be isolated physical entities, but multi-dimensional experiences closely connected with digital contents.


AYAYI® 1st "Dimensional Explorer"

The AYAYI® 1st collection is dedicated to bridging visual sensation with tactile experience, centered around the theme of "Dimensional Explorer." Drawing visual inspiration from wingsuit flying, the collection aims to encourage the youth to explore their identity and boldly pursue their aspirations.

Embodying a philosophy that integrates virtual and real elements, the collection merges digital aesthetics with physical craftsmanship. Each physical garment corresponds to a digital AVATAR. The innovative use of digital assets and the in-depth exploration of AIGC herald a future of design that promises a more profound level of diversity and personalization in user experience.

Building a "Realistic Utopia"

AYAYI® aspires to provide a cultural playground for every pioneering spirit in the real world, a tangible Utopia brimming with miracles and creativity.

In the interwoven space of virtuality and reality, every spark of thought is able to be realized, and every dream is possible to be achieved. AYAYI® encourages the new generation to boldly present their true selves, to unleash creativity, and to become the artists of their own lives. This is a conviction deeply ingrained in everyday life, an unwavering pursuit of a vibrant, innovative, and diverse future.


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