LMR Naturals by IFF Wins CosmetiqueMag Gold Award for Innovative Neroli Essential Extract

The upcycled natural essence embraces circular design principles, reflecting the brand's commitment to waste reduction

GRASSE, France, Dec. 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- IFF today announced that LMR Naturals by IFF (LMR) has been honored with the prestigious CosmetiqueMag Gold Award in the ingredient category for its groundbreaking Neroli Essential Extract. This accolade is a testament to the Company's commitment to sustainability and innovation within the beauty industry.

Innovative Upcycling for a Sustainable Future
This year, LMR introduced its latest venture into eco-conscious production. An ingeniously crafted upcycled extract that embraces circular design principles, LMR Neroli Essential Egypt—a product that stands out for its uniqueness and sustainability—is created by harnessing the aromatic potency of orange flower post-distillation water and blending it with neroli essential oil. This addition bolsters its Upcycling Collection, which began in 2012 and now boasts over 30 ingredients. The collection serves both the fragrance and food industries, demonstrating versatility and a dedication to environmental responsibility.

"Neroli Essential Egypt evokes the essence of orange flower water and conjures images of oriental desserts," said Dominique Ropion, master perfumer at IFF. "Its potency is transformative in a composition, lending a natural quality and amplifying the white floral and petal-like effect."

A Pioneering Product with Environmental Benefits
LMR Neroli Essential Egypt is a 100 percent natural essence, featuring 100 percent renewable carbon, half of which is upcycled. It is derived from just half the volume of flowers required for traditional neroli oil production. This process valorizes an estimated 250 tons of typically discarded neroli water annually, reflecting the brand's innovative approach to waste reduction.

The creation of the Neroli Essential Egypt extract was made possible through a longstanding partnership with Egypt-based renowned natural ingredients producer, Hashem Brothers. The collaboration is built on a foundation of shared values, ensuring transparency, traceability, and the enhancement of agricultural practices across the supply chain.

A Decade of Dedication to Eco-Conscious Natural Ingredients
Since the inception of its upcycled ingredients collection in 2012, LMR has been steadfast in its mission to "make waste beautiful." The CosmetiqueMag award is a crowning achievement, celebrating over a decade of relentless pursuit to minimize environmental impact and repurpose waste in a manner that benefits all stakeholders in LMR's supply chains. This includes providing new income streams for farmers, offering innovative ingredients to perfumers, and delivering perfumed products to consumers that align with an optimized approach to waste utilization.

"This CosmetiqueMag Gold Award fuels our motivation to persist in the path of sustainable innovation that we embarked upon in 2 012," said Bertrand De Préville, general manager of LMR. "I am profoundly thankful to the CosmetiqueMag Awards Jury for recognizing the hard work of the LMR team of agronomists and engineers, as well as our Egyptian partners, for their dedication."

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