SANY Introduces All-New Integrated GW-Grade Hydrogen Production Solution with Green Electricity, Charting A New Course in The Era Of Clean Energy

CHANGSHA, China, Dec. 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- SANY Hydrogen, the hydrogen energy subsidiary of leading global heavy machinery manufacturer SANY Heavy Industry ("SANY", SSE: 600031), has announced the grand launch of the world's largest single hydrogen electrolyzer. The new S-series square electrolyzer can produce 3,000 standard cubic meters of hydrogen per hour using renewable electricity. This milestone accelerates the adoption of clean energy technologies by industries and marks progress in SANY's efforts to fuel the shift to greener solutions.

At the latest COP28, a strategy for phasing out fossil fuels was endorsed, representing a tangible and significant approach to climate action. However, the GW-Grade hydrogen production method using renewable energy faces three critical challenges: elevated costs of production, increased maintenance requirements, and inconsistency in performance.

SANY's S Series 3,000-standard-cubic-meter square electrolyzer has set a new industry benchmark with significantly lower system costs and an improved green electricity utilization rate as a practical solution for large-scale applications. It boasts an operation current density of 10,000A/m2 to guarantee high production efficiency, improves green electricity utilization rate by 10 percent, and cuts the maintenance cost by 30 percent.

S Series 3,000-standard-cubic-meter square electrolyzer

Anchoring a new path of hydrogen energy development

The latest GW-GRADE offering from SANY Hydrogen capitalizes on the fundamental strengths of the S Series lineup, which includes a compact footprint, modular construction, increased current density, and pressurized operation, among others, to forge a new trajectory for the mass production and utilization of green hydrogen.

The company's breakthroughs and industry cooperation achievements include the establishment of an alkaline electrolyzer production line boasting annual capacity of 1.5GW, and it has taken the lead in tackling the core technologies such as automatic argon arc welding, prefabricated pressure pipeline, high-precision electrolyzer stacking, as well as the mass production of alkaline electrolyzer systems from 500 to 2,000 standard cubic meters and 4,000 standard-cubic-meter all-in-one separation and purification system.

The 20MW electrolyzer test platform developed by SANY Hydrogen has been put into use, laying a solid foundation for its product development and rapid iteration.

Electrolyzer test platform developed by SANY Hydrogen

"The new launch of GW-Grade solution and large-capacity electrolyzer represents the opening of a new chapter of SANY's hydrogen technology development. With a strong commitment to a strategy of globalization, intelligent and digital-centric, and low-carbon transformation, SANY Group is focused on putting forward new solutions for various scaled hydrogen production scenarios from wind to green power and has successfully overcome the technical challenges of the large-scale electrolyzer and taken a solid step in the industrialization of hydrogen energy equipment," said Xiang Wenbo, rotating chairman of SANY.

In the future, SANY Hydrogen will continue to boost R&D investment and empower the global green energy transition, making greater contributions to the popularization and application of clean energy.

SANY has set an ambitious goal to become China's largest provider of integrated hydrogen solutions in five years and lead global industry transformation, and it is laying out a comprehensive hydrogen industry chain covering green production, storage, transportation, and refueling equipment. SANY Hydrogen has a focus on elevating the core technological innovation and achieving a closed supply chain across the entire industry ecosystem to support China's 2030/2060 "Dual Carbon" goals.

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