Empresa Portuaria San Antonio Initiates International Call of Expression of Interest for the Construction of Breakwater and Complementary Works for Puerto Exterior

SAN ANTONIO, Chile, April 6, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- The Chilean state-owned company will invite specialized companies to construct the breakwater and complementary works for the country's main port project.

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As part of the port development policy promoted by the State of Chile, Empresa Portuaria San Antonio has started the International Call of Expression of Interest for the Construction of Breakwater and Complementary Works for Puerto Exterior. This project will feature two berthing fronts, each 1,730 meters long, and a total cargo transfer capacity of 6 million TEU, which amounts to over 60 million tons annually.

The works to be considered in the expression of interest include the construction of a breakwater of approximately 4 kilometres in length, dredging around the future dock, filling of platforms and complementary works such as roads and railroad access to the terminals.

Interested parties may be companies with proven experience in the development of large port works and/or marine dredging, being able to demonstrate such experience individually or as part of a consortium.

Moreover, an informational meeting with interested international companies will be held on April 23rd in Madrid, Spain, led by Minister of Transport and Telecommunications of Chile, Juan Carlos Muñoz. "As a government, we have committed all our efforts to advance towards a more efficient, agile, and sustainable cargo transport system. With this call, we are not only opening up the market and attracting private investment, but we are also moving forward in consolidating Chile's leadership in port matters within the region," the minister added.

The chairman of the Board of Directors of Empresa Portuaria San Antonio, Eduardo Abedrapo, stated that the beginning of the International Call of Expression of Interest process is a significant advancement for the future of San Antonio's and Chile's port development. "Puerto Exterior is a national project. As a public company, we have the duty to seek the best allies for each of the stages, being essential to call upon qualified suppliers, both Chilean and foreign, to carry out the various works that will allow the future port to operate optimally, efficiently, securely, and sustainably", he remarked.

The general manager of Empresa Portuaria San Antonio, Ramón Castañeda, noted, "We believe there will be many specialized companies, both national and international, interested in participating in the execution of these works, which constitute a major engineering and construction challenge".

Interested companies seeking more detailed information about this invitation and possessing proven experience should contact the Empresa Portuaria San Antonio via email at eoi@puertosanantonio.com, rogalde@puertosanantonio.com 

Expressions of interest, together with the background of the relevant experience indicated, must be submitted until May 31st, 2024.

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