Zoomlion will make a significant debut at the INTERMAT in Paris

CHANGSHA, China, April 7, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science & Technology Co., Ltd. ("Zoomlion", 1157.HK), a leading Chinese construction machinery and equipment manufacturer, will attend INTERMAT 2024 with 7 series of products, totaling 30 units, covering engineering hoisting machinery, construction hoisting machinery, concrete machinery, earthwork machinery, aerial working machinery, industrial vehicles, dry-mixed mortar, etc. Meanwhile, the European subsidiaries of Zoomlion, including CIFA (Italy) and m-tec (Germany), will also debut together with their classic and best-selling products.


"The performance of the exhibited products has been upgraded in all aspects," said Wu Zeyou, the French national manager of Zoomlion. "Since the last exhibition attended in 2015, Zoomlion has gone through two new upgrades for products. In 2016, the first batch of 4.0 intelligent products with "perception, brain and thinking" were off-lined. In 2020, the 4.0A innovation project was launched, which was aimed at the latest digital technology. Our theme for this exhibition is 'Greener Development Brighter Future', and we will bring the latest generation of high-end, intelligent and green products."

"For the ZCT1000V552.1 crawler crane that has just arrived at the Port of Antwerp, Belgium on March 23rd, it is equipped with intelligent cloud services in addition to its strong lifting performance. Customers can control the product online, store data in the cloud, and enjoy services at their fingertips."

Greenization is also one of the significant features of Zoomlion products at this INTERMAT. In addition to a variety of new energy products, many of the exhibits are applied with low-carbon and green energy-saving technologies. Taking the 21t hydraulic excavator ZE210GLC exhibited at INTERMAT as an example, the product not only has the advantages of safety and comfort, convenient maintenance, and wide range of working conditions, but also reduces fuel consumption by 8.5% through the application of customized electronically-controlled positive flow control, large displacement and low rotational speed technologies, etc., with remarkable energy-saving effect.

INTERMAT 2024 will be held from April 24th to 27th local time at the Villeurbanne Exhibition Center in the northern suburbs of Paris.

At present, in addition to the crawler crane that has arrived in Europe, other products of Zoomlion are also gradually transported to Europe by means of China-Europe freight trains and sea freight. Welcome to booth EXT5 F 032 from April 24th to 27th to witness wonderful moments of Zoomlion.

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