Ampace C5 Unveiled Revolutionary No-Cooling All-Temperature Control Technology

BEIJING, April 15, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Ampace launched an all-in-one energy storage facility -- the "Ampace C5" for both commercial and industrial uses on April 11, during its exhibition at the 12th Energy Storage International Conference and Expo (ESIE) in Beijing.


Featuring "No Cooling and All Temperature Range Control", this product is a breakthrough in structural design and battery cells, enabling a 46% reduction in operation costs from auxiliary sources in 10 years and redefines the new standard of commercial and industry energy storage product industry with ultra-high reliability and economic efficiency.

Structurally, the "No Cooling and All Temperature Range Control" solution abandons the traditional liquid and air-cooling mode, adopting a minimal design that allows wider-temperature-range operation.

In terms of battery cell, the Kunlun Battery Cell 2.0 supported by the new GT40 technology, in which new cathode and anode materials, new electrolyte materials and double-headed battery tab structure are adopted. Compared with previous battery cells, Kunlun Battery Cell 2.0 is effectively enhanced in thermal stability, and guarantees the high reliability and long life-cycle performance of the battery in different working environments.

Dr. Yuan Qingfeng, R&D Director of Ampace, said, "The new cooling-free and GT40 technologies is supported by Ampace's breakthrough in the long life-cycle and high reliability performance of the battery cell for wide-temperature-range application, its firm attitude to create ultra-high-quality products and embrace cutting-edge technologies, and its enduring determination to pursue the integration between ecological friendliness and technological innovation on its path for green transformation."

Furthermore, Ampace C5 also adopts Ampace's self-developed "Shield Cell" technology to contain the battery cell's thermal runaway. The explosion-relief valve on the top of the cabinet provides safer explosion relief, protecting the safety of surrounding personnel and property.

Ampace C5 is expected to be mass-produced in July 2024, and will show its extraordinary strength in 5G base stations, IDC data centers, PV and ESS charging integrated stations, automobile battery swapping and other key fields, so as to set a benchmark of new quality productive forces in the energy field.

Ampace C5, with its outstanding technical performance, offers high cost-effective and reliable energy solutions to users, opening up vast opportunities of profiting for them. In addition to Ampace C5, Ampace also unveiled multiple series of full-stack products covering residential energy storage, commercial and industrial energy storage, uninterrupted power supply and portable energy storage.

During the press conference of Ampace C5 launch, Ampace has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with TUV Rheinland. The two sides will jointly promote the innovation of energy storage products and technologies, the coordinated development of the upstream and downstream sectors along the industrial chain, and the cooperation in various fields such as talent training. The goal is to contribute to global energy security, green, low-carbon and sustainable development.

In the context of global pursuit of sustainable development, Ampace is spearheading a new era of transformation in the CIES field with its innovative technologies and top-notch products, and making significant contributions to the application and popularization of green energy.

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