Blockchain for Good Alliance (BGA) Unites Web3 for Societal Impact, launching at Blockchain Life Dubai with Bybit Web3, Harvard Blockchain Club, Solana Foundation, Moledao, Aptos, ICP.Hub UAE, Alchemy Pay as Key Partners

DUBAI, UAE, April 15, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- The Blockchain for Good Alliance (BGA) officially announces its launch today, marking a significant step forward in the mission to leverage blockchain technology for social good.

Blockchain for Good Alliance (BGA) Unites Web3 for Societal Impact, launching at Blockchain Life Dubai with Bybit Web3, Harvard Blockchain Club, Solana Foundation, Moledao, Aptos, ICP.Hub UAE, Alchemy Pay as Key Partners (PRNewsfoto/Bybit)

BGA has partnered with leading entities in the blockchain space including Bybit Web3, Solana Foundation, Aptos, Moledao, Harvard Blockchain Club, ICP.Hub UAE, American University of Sharjah (AUS), Coineasy, Libera, Edu3Labs, Alchemy Pay, Bu Zhi DAO and XueDAO. These partnerships underscore a shared vision for utilizing blockchain technology to address pressing global issues and foster a more equitable and sustainable future.

"As a university club deeply passionate about the potential of blockchain technology for social good, we are thrilled to be a part of the Blockchain for Good Alliance (BGA) launch. Through our commitment to exploring university initiatives such as establishing a blockchain publication repository and supporting BGA's impactful projects, we aim to foster a culture of innovation and collaboration within our academic community. We look forward to empowering students and researchers to leverage blockchain for good and drive meaningful change in the world," said Abbie, representative of the Harvard Blockchain Club.

"Moledao is committed to empowering builders within the Web3 ecosystem to innovate and create solutions that drive positive change. Through collaboration and community-led initiatives such as BGA, we believe in unlocking the full potential of blockchain technology to address real-world challenges and shape a more inclusive future," said YH, Web3 Lead at Moledao.

The collaboration of these founding partners with BGA represents a collective commitment to not only imagine a better world but to actively create it through the innovative application of blockchain technology. By uniting diverse talents and resources within the blockchain community, BGA aims to catalyze meaningful change and foster a future where technology serves as a cornerstone for good.

"Solana, known for its superior performance and efficiency, offers transactions that are both fast and cost-effective. This has opened doors for innovative public infrastructure projects such as Helium and Hivemapper, where users not only contribute but also earn from their participation. Moreover, Solana's technology facilitates accessible cross-border remittances and new financial products, making it a pivotal player in creating a more inclusive financial system.

Our collaboration with the Blockchain for Good Alliance (BGA) enhances our commitment to harnessing blockchain for global benefit. We are enthusiastic about working alongside partners like Bybit to propel the BGA's mission forward and drive impactful change." said Lily Liu, President of Solana Foundation.

"As we throw open the doors to Web3 and a better financial future, we at Bybit want to ensure the vast potential of blockchain technology is used not just for economic gain, but as a force for good," said Helen Liu, Bybit COO. "As founding members of the Blockchain for Good Alliance, we mark the start of this journey with our esteemed collaborators in shaping a future where blockchain uplifts communities worldwide."

Join Blockchain for Good Alliance (BGA)

BGA is on the lookout for more like-minded organizations, communities and innovators who share our passion for harnessing blockchain technology for the greater good. We believe that through collaboration and shared vision, we can significantly amplify our impact on society and the environment.

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About Blockchain for Good Alliance (BGA)

The Blockchain for Good Alliance (BGA) is a long term collaborative non-profit initiative with key partners with the main aim to contribute to societal good by using blockchain technology to solve real world problems. By convening leaders, innovators, and organizations from across the blockchain community, BGA seeks to drive innovation, collaboration, and action towards a more sustainable and equitable world.

About Harvard Blockchain Club

Harvard Blockchain Club is the largest blockchain-focused student organization at Harvard, with over 200 members. We welcome everyone, regardless of academic background or prior familiarity with blockchain.

About Moledao

Moledao is a Web3 builder community which helps to connect and develop budding entrepreneurs, facilitating collaborative efforts towards building the Web3 ecosystem.

About Solana Foundation

Solana, one of the world's most decentralized proof-of-stake and high-performance blockchains, powerful for developers, fast for everyone. Solana supports experiences for power users, new consumers, and everyone in between.

Solana Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to the decentralization, growth, and security of the Solana network.

About Bybit Web3

Bybit Web3 is redefining openness in the decentralized world, creating a simple, open, and equal ecosystem for everyone. We are committed to welcoming builders, creators, and partners in the blockchain space, extending an invitation to both crypto enthusiasts and the curious, with a community of over 1 million wallet users, over 10 major ecosystem partners, and counting.

Bybit Web3 provides a comprehensive suite of Web3 products designed to make accessing, swapping, collecting and growing Web3 assets as open and simple as possible. Our wallets, marketplaces, and platforms are all backed by the security and expertise that define Bybit as a top 3 global crypto exchange, trusted by 25 million users globally.

Join the revolution now and open the door to your Web3 future with Bybit.

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