HaloWallet Rebrands To Halo: Integrating SocialFi & AI To Revolutionize Social Influence Monetization

VICTORIA, Seychelles, April 16, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, it is thrilling to announce the official brand upgrade from HaloWallet to Halo (halo.social). This upgrade signifies a significant shift in Halo's vision and commitment to thriving alongside millions of Halo users worldwide in the SocialFi UBI revolution.

HaloWallet Rebrands To Halo: Integrating SocialFi & AI To Revolutionize Social Influence Monetization (PRNewsfoto/Account Labs)

Since its inception in October 2023, Halo has been at the forefront of the SocialFi movement. With the launch of Halo Genesis Pass, it has yielded a remarkable 2,000% return for holders and earned international acclaim from users of more than 100 countries.

Moving forward, Halo's mission is to disrupt the Web2 monopoly and revolutionize the monetization of social influence while ensuring fair and equitable profit sharing. This mission is accomplished through the integration of AI and Web3 DID.

With funding from KuCoin Ventures, IDG, HashKey, and strategic Web3 partners globally, as well as the financial support of the Cyberport incubation program by the Hong Kong government, Halo is poised for an unprecedented leap forward within the realm of SocialFi.

Halo: Pioneering the SocialFi UBI Revolution

Halo (halo.social) is designed to create a revolutionary monetization layer within the SocialFi field, aiming to establish a new paradigm of Universal Basic Income (UBI) that provides ownership to everyone.

Web2 tech giants have generated immense commercial value. However, their centralized nature has led to many concerns on users' loss of personal data autonomy and unequal value distribution. With blockchain, users can regain control over their assets, data, and accounts. Halo aims to capitalize on advertisement value while respecting user privacy and consent.

Beyond just advertisement, Halo identifies a crucial avenue for monetization: data value. The AI industry has grown rapidly, but due to vague ownership of data copyrights and a lack of unified regulations, high-quality AI corpus remains scarce. As an innovative Web3 project, Halo provides an innovative solution to address this requirement of AI.

Halo has the ability to acquire both on-chain transactions and social content, surpassing Scale AI with full copyright and user consent. By integrating the power of the community to complete data labeling tasks and implementing decentralized governance, Halo meets the demand for high-quality labeled data in AI, enabling the monetization of user data and ensuring a fair redistribution of business profits.

Jeff Hou, the Head of Halo, stated, "The brand upgrade is not merely a marketing move but a natural progression and evolution in the development of Halo. We are gradually transitioning from being a crypto wallet to becoming a fully-fledged ecosystem within SocialFi. It's time for everyone to see Halo in a new light. We will lead the new wave of the SocialFi UBI revolution, monetizing users' social influence through our advanced technology architecture and fantastic partnerships in the industry."

The SocialFi UBI revolution is at our doorstep, and Halo is at the forefront, ready to unlock new opportunities for users to earn, learn, and socialize in a decentralized and equitable environment.

Looking Ahead

Halo token airdrop is a crucial aspect of our vision, designed to strengthen the bond among all members and foster a more engaged and dynamic Halo community. The largest share of Halo tokens, 35%, will be allocated to community, early adopters and alliance members from KuCoin, Mocaverse & other excellent partners.

As a key indicator, Halo Membership Pass will be available for minting on April 26, operating on a season-based promotion system. We've launched exclusive discount code giveaways of the Pass with our esteemed partners. Join now to secure a high-level Pass.

Stay tuned for more updates and information on TGE as we continue to evolve and grow as Halo.

About Halo

Halo (halo.social) is designed to build a revolutionary monetization layer within the SocialFi field. We aim to create a new paradigm of UBI (Universal Basic Income) that grants ownership to everyone. By integrating AI, Web3 DID, and Wallet Aggregator, and implementing decentralized governance, Halo is dedicated to transforming the way social influence is monetized and fostering a system of fair and equitable profit sharing.

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