Bybit CEO: "Institutions Driving Today's Crypto Bull Market" - At Blockchain Life 2024 Dubai

DUBAI, UAE, April 16, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- In a discussion among industry leaders at the Blockchain Life conference in Dubai, Bybit CEO Ben Zhou highlighted the readiness and sophistication of today's cryptocurrency exchanges (CEXs). Zhou co-founded Bybit in 2018 and today is one of the world's top three exchanges by volume.

During the conversation, Zhou elaborated on several aspects that underscore this era of crypto maturity. "From Bybit's perspective, this bull market so far has been driven by institutions … Since partnering with third-party custodians like Copper and Fireblocks, institutional capital flows increased 186% last year." Zhou pointed out that better infrastructure, and the approval of the Bitcoin spot ETFs, played a crucial role in supporting institutional entry into the crypto market.

Zhou oversaw meticulous upgrades to Bybit since the last crypto bull run in 2021, which has enabled institutional investors to deploy deeper pools of capital. "Bybit has a very fluid trading system where you can use any token to trade anything," Zhou said, speaking live on the main stage. "So Bybit's institutional clients have a lot of tools; they can do spread trades, arbitrage funding rates, and all kinds of sophisticated trading. Based on this, we can support new capital flows we haven't seen before in crypto."

The Bybit CEO also noted the evolution in service reliability amidst market volatility. "Our risk management and system resilience has been continuously improved," Zhou said. "Even during volatile markets, Bybit remains very steady," This stability is a testament to the sophisticated infrastructure, which supports both institutional and the exchange's 25 million retail investors.

Zhou noted that Bybit's retail clients can now access products that demystify sophisticated strategies. "We have a unique product called perpetual protect. It utilizes options contracts to safeguard perpetual positions from losses. Our advanced UTA (Unified Trading Account) design further empowers traders by giving them an edge in the market," he explained. This product simplifies derivatives and options, making complex financial instruments accessible and understandable to a broader audience.

As the crypto market matures, Bybit remains at the forefront, championing innovations that align with both market trends and regulatory standards. This readiness not only marks a significant milestone for Bybit but also highlights the overall advancement of the crypto exchange industry.

Bybit CEO: "Institutions Driving Today's Crypto Bull Market" - At Blockchain Life 2024 Dubai

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