CSafe Elevates Cell and Gene Therapy Transport with Reusable Cryogenic Solution

MONROE, Ohio, April 16, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- CSafe, an active and passive temperature-controlled shipping solutions provider for the biopharmaceutical industry, proudly announces the launch of a new line of cryogenic multi-use dewars for the cell and gene therapy market. The progressive technology, which is the first in CSafe's CGT Cryo Series, maintains temperatures colder than -150°C.

The reusable dewars and high-impact-resistant shipping cases are engineered to securely transport critical cell and gene therapies, including pre-frozen biologic materials, regenerative medicine, immunotherapies, stem cells and CAR-T cells.

"The cell and gene therapy industry needs more solutions that integrate data with products, alongside a global network with advanced capabilities and service infrastructure," said Patrick Schafer, CSafe CEO. "Our team has worked tirelessly to develop these new solutions to ensure the integrity of our customers' valuable cargo, and ultimately provide peace of mind."

These cutting-edge solutions offer a myriad of key features tailored to meet stringent industry standards. Pre-conditioned using liquid nitrogen, these dry vapor units boast an impressive hold time of 10+ days against the ISTA 7D thermal profile, providing high levels of reliability for critical shipments. They include built-in TracSafe RLT real-time data tracking devices to monitor internal product temperature, external ambient temperature, shock, tilt, and location throughout the shipment journey. Through CSafe Connect, the company's digital portal, customers can easily track their order, access real-time data, and upgrade to the premium Control Tower shipment monitoring service for added monitoring and control.

Additionally, the multi-use dewars deliver extra protection with security seals and a lockable shipping case to prevent tampering during transit. The dry vapor unit complies with IATA Dangerous Goods Regulation, and the shipping case's domed cap prevents stacking to ensure a stable, upright orientation during transit and handling. Qualified to industry standards, including ISTA 3A for distribution and ISTA 7D for thermal qualification, these high-performance solutions offer peace of mind for customers.

"Our new line of dewars isn't just a product—it's a promise," said Emilio Frattaruolo, Vice President, Cell & Gene Therapies. "A promise of precision and reliability as we venture into the next frontier of innovation in cell and gene therapies."

CSafe's multi-use dewars are currently available worldwide, in two sizes: 4-liter and 10-liter capacity.

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Email: elupp@csafeglobal.com
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