GAC TECH DAY 2024: Groundbreaking Innovations Redefine Automotive Excellence

GUANGZHOU, China, April 16, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- On April 12, GAC TECH DAY 2024 took center stage at the GAC Research Institute in Guangzhou, China, under the theme "See the World with New Vision." The conference was attended by approximately 260 foreign and domestic media outlets and distinguished guests, including relevant Guangdong Province and Guangzhou City leaders, Zeng Qinghong, Chairman of GAC Group, and Feng Xingya, President of GAC Group.

On the day, GAC, a trailblazer in automotive advancements, unveiled several groundbreaking technologies set to revolutionize the driving experience.

First, the Garcia Intelligent Driving System, a pioneering pure vision-based intelligent driving solution devoid of maps, promises a seamless and immersive driving experience. Unlike traditional systems reliant on high-precision maps and LiDAR, Garcia leverages visual sensors and AI algorithms to perceive the world with human-like precision. With three leading capabilities in visual recognition, Garcia offers unparalleled accuracy and reliability in complex traffic scenarios.

GAC also announced key breakthroughs in its all-solid-state power battery technology, setting a new standard for energy density, safety, and capacity. The innovative battery promises extended ranges exceeding 1000km and enhanced safety under extreme conditions. 

Both innovations are set for mass production and deployment by 2026.

In addition to technological breakthroughs, GAC showcased a range of advanced technologies and user-centric products, including electromagnetic suspension, skateboard chassis, and GOVE, the company's first eVTOL mobility solution that has already completed its maiden flight this March.

GAC's new iGLCA intelligent light commercial vehicle segment—MIRACO Motor—also made its official debut at GAC TECH DAY 2024 with the release of its flagship model "MiraLounge". Primarily designed for passenger transport services, the vehicle allows for the separation of cabin and driving compartment to achieve a multi-model derivation through "MiraBoard 2.0" technology. The vehicle supports L2 to L4 level intelligent driving and is scheduled to hit the market in the fourth quarter of 2024. 

The event also marked the launch of the Welfare Edition of E9, GAC's luxury PHEV MPV. The new version of the 7-seater caters to users with mobility challenges with its unique detachable electric seat.

GAC's relentless pursuit of innovation underscores its vision to reshape the automotive landscape and drive sustainable growth. With a focus on technology-driven development, GAC aims to continue pushing the boundaries of automotive excellence, setting new benchmarks for the industry.


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