Australia-China Business Forum Unveils Second International Supply Chain Expo in Sydney

SYDNEY, April 17, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- On April 15th, during the visit of a Chinese business delegation led by Ren Hongbin, Chairman of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade ("CCPIT"), to Australia, the Australia-China Business Forum and the Australian roadshow ("the Roadshow") for the Second China International Supply Chain Promotion Expo ("the Expo") were held in Sydney. The Forum saw participation from over 200 representatives from both Chinese and Australian business communities.

China International Exhibition Center Group Corporation Signed MoU Agreements with DMG, Oz-Town, Team Global Express and Homart Pharmaceuticals during Its Australian Roadshow. (PRNewsfoto/China International Supply Chain Expo)

Strengthening Sino-Australian Business Ties

The Forum and roadshow served as a platform to strengthen trade relations between China and Australia. Lin Shunjie, Chairman of China International Exhibition Center Group Corporation, highlighted that this initiative aims to foster deeper cooperation and explore new opportunities within various sectors including Smart Vehicle, Green Agriculture, Clean Energy, Digital Technology, Healthy Life, Supply Chain Services, and notably introducing the Advanced Manufacturing.

Scheduled from November 26th to 30th in 2024 in Beijing, the Expo is set to showcase global advancements in manufacturing sectors while facilitating thematic forums alongside investment promotion activities aimed at matching supply with demand and launching new products.

Expanding Networks through Collaboration

During this promotional event in Sydney several key partnerships were announced. Agreements were signed between China International Exhibition Center Group Corporation and notable Australian companies, such as Oz-Town, DMG, Team Global Express and Homart Pharmaceuticals, indicating strong interest from Australian enterprises in leveraging this platform for expanding their networks.

The second iteration of the expo promises more than just an exhibition space; it is poised to become a hub where industry leaders can converge to discuss trends affecting global supply chains. With thematic forums, along with a variety of supporting activities, such as investment pitches, supply-demand matchmaking, and unveiling of new products, the Expo are centered around the supply chain services sector.

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About China International Supply Chain Expo (CISCE)

CISCE, hosted in the vibrant city of Beijing by CCPIT, is the premier global event showcasing the entire spectrum of the supply chain, including Clean Energy, Smart Vehicle, Digital Technology, Healthy Life, Green Agriculture, Advanced Manufacturing and Supply Chain Service. It features a comprehensive program that includes keynote speeches, panel discussions, and workshops led by renowned experts in the field.

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