2024 Tainan International Green Industry EXPO Showcases Cutting-Edge Sustainable Technologies and Global Collaboration

TAINAN, April 18, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- The "2024 Tainan International Green Industry EXPO" is set to open grandly from May 30 to June 1 at ICC TAINAN, showcasing everything from smart energy solutions to innovative environmental technologies, highlighting the forefront of global sustainable development. This exhibition is organized by the Commercial Times and has received guidance and support from the International Trade Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs, under the 'Subsidy Program for Organizers of New Exhibitions in Taiwan', showcasing Taiwan's international leadership in the green industry sector.

The image shows a vibrant trading scene at the 2023 International Green Industry EXPO held at ICC TAINAN. Photo by Wennie Huang.

Comprehensive Technology Display

This year's expo will particularly emphasize the latest developments in the following technologies and products:

Smart Energy Storage Technologies: The displayed smart storage systems and modular battery applications demonstrate how to use and manage electricity more effectively, especially against the backdrop of increasingly important renewable energy sources. These systems maximize energy efficiency and support stable grid operations.

Solar Energy Innovative Solutions: Including high-efficiency photovoltaic panels, solar aluminum structures, and energy storage systems, these technologies aim to enhance the utilization and lifespan of solar power while reducing energy costs.

Environmental Solid Waste Management: The showcased environmental solid waste crushing machinery and dust monitoring systems provide effective industrial waste management solutions, emphasizing their contribution to reducing environmental pollution.

Low-Carbon Transportation Technologies: Featuring the latest electric vehicles such as Hyundai's IONIQ5 and IONIQ6, along with advanced electric vehicle charging stations, these technologies showcase the future trends and possibilities of low-carbon transportation.

Advanced Air Filtration and Environmental Monitoring: Demonstrating low-carbon air filtration frames and technologies from environmental toxicants and emerging pollutants research centers, these technologies emphasize the importance of improving air quality and protecting human health.

Advanced Green Building Materials and Technologies: Including the use of sustainable materials and technologies to enhance the environmental benefits and durability of buildings. The displayed applications of highly durable, corrosion-resistant green building materials not only demonstrate their benefits in reducing maintenance costs and impacts but also show how green innovation can enhance the environmental performance of the construction industry.

Forums and ESG Competition

The expo is not only a platform for technology displays but also includes a rich program of academic and practical exchanges. Seven forums will cover hot topics such as the circular economy, solar energy, energy storage, ESG, and net-zero carbon emissions, attracting top speakers and experts from the industry. Additionally, the ESG competition will demonstrate how to implement environmental, social, and governance principles in business operations to enhance green innovation.

International Buyer Subsidy Program and Global Participation

To enhance international cooperation and exchange, the expo has introduced an International Buyer Subsidy Program, encouraging professional buyers from around the world to participate. The program offers reimbursement for actual flight costs and a maximum subsidy of 20,000 New Taiwan Dollars to boost global interest and participation. The expo will bring together buyers from countries such as Japan, Germany, South Korea, Nigeria, Hungary, China, India, France, Gambia, Central and South America, Canada, Spain, and Pakistan, as well as exhibitors from countries like Germany, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, South Africa, and Hungary. These international participants will showcase their innovative technologies, enrich the expo content, and explore global environmental solutions, providing an excellent platform for promoting cross-national cooperation.

This event is co-hosted by the Tainan City Economic Development Bureau and ICC TAINAN, with support from multiple associations including the Taiwan Chemical Industry Association, Taiwan Wind Energy Association, Taiwan Green Power Application Association, Taiwan Battery Association, Taiwan Environmental Protection and Resource Recycling Equipment Industry Association, Tainan City General Industry Association, Ministry of Science and Technology Southern Science Park Administration, Metal Industry Research Development Center, Solar Photovoltaic Power Generation System Business Association of the Republic of China, Taiwan Small Hydropower Green Energy Industry Alliance, Taiwan Green Technology Industry Alliance, Taiwan Net Zero Emissions Association. The organizers eagerly anticipate the participation of talents from all sectors to jointly strive for a low-carbon, sustainable future. For more information, please visit the official website: https://cec.ctee.com.tw/green/ 

Oscar Liu

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