Xinhua Silk Road: Shanghai Fashion Week leads global fashion trends and showcases oriental aesthetics with world influence: report

BEIJING, July 11, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Shanghai Fashion Week ranked fifth among the eight global major fashion weeks in 2023, leading the trends of global fashion industry and showcasing oriental aesthetics to world audiences with its global influence, according to the Global Fashion Industry Index-Fashion Week Vitality Index Report 2023 released in Shanghai on July 6.

Photo shows that Jiang Wei, head of Xinhua News Agency Shanghai Bureau, Liu Min, deputy director of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce, Tong Jisheng, chairman of Orient International (Holding) Co., Ltd., Ji Shengjun, president of Orient International (Holding) Co., Ltd., and Yu Linwei, deputy head of Xuhui District, jointly released the Global Fashion Industry Index-Fashion Week Vitality Index Report 2023. (Source: Shangtex)

In 2023, Paris and Milan Fashion Weeks still ranked first and second with a significant advantage, followed closely by New York and London Fashion Weeks. Shanghai Fashion Week and China International Fashion Week run after them, while Tokyo and Seoul Fashion Weeks ranked behind, says the report.

Statistics show that in 2023, the number of brands participating in Shanghai Fashion Week and China International Fashion Week increased by 36.6 percent and 61.4 percent year on year respectively, demonstrating the appeal of China's new generation of designers.

In the three indicators of online media, online search and social media channels, Shanghai Fashion Week ranked fourth, fourth and third respectively. Leveraging short video platforms and social media, Shanghai Fashion Week's online live-streaming rooms provided designers with a platform for display.

In 2023, among the eight major fashion weeks, Shanghai, China International, and Paris Fashion Weeks had the highest number of designers, accounting for 38.2 percent, 20.6 percent, and 19.0 percent respectively, which far exceeded other fashion weeks.

Under the trend of brand growth and consumer aesthetic preferences, a large number of independent designer brands have emerged in China, and more and more designers will start their own businesses in the future.

The report shows that with the global surge of artificial intelligence generated content (AIGC), it has been widely applied in new product launches, product design and promotion event of fashion industry.

The report suggests that Shanghai create diversified interactive fashion market such as pop-up stores and creative workshops for the public, and roll out more products and services with good quality.

In 2018, China Economic Information Service (CEIS) built an evaluation system for global fashion industry. The system quantifies the vitality value of the world's eight sample fashion weeks from three dimensions including element aggregation, media communication, and industry impact.

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