SWR™ and the SWR™+ HyperFill® Allow Pipe Fabrication Shops to Achieve Higher Productivity, Superior Quality Welds & Improve Welder Ergonomics

VANCOUVER, CANADA, April 16, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --  Novarc Technologies Inc., a full-stack robotics company, specializing in the design and manufacturing of cobots and computer vision AI for automated welding applications, announced today the company will be demonstrating their Spool Welding Robot (SWR) and the SWR+HyperFill® at Australian Manufacturing Week (AMW) April 17-19 in Sydney, AUS.

Novarc’s welding automation technology has revolutionized manufacturing processes and is a productivity game changer for pipe fabrication shops serving sectors such as the oil & gas, mining, construction, and shipbuilding industries. The SWR uses a floating long-reach manipulator, with a three-axis robotic arm at the end, designed specifically for pipe, small pressure vessel, and other types of roll welding, and is capable of welding flanges, tees, elbows, and reducers.

The SWR will be on display and available for demonstration at Booth WA740. Visitors will be able to see first-hand how Novarc’s SWR increases productivity, delivering superior weld quality and improving welder ergonomics. 

“Across Australia, Novarc’s SWR is helping fabricators and engineering companies needing to address the skilled welder shortage transition to an automated solution, to make them more competitive and significantly lower the cost of welding, while achieving superior weld quality,” said Soroush Karimzadeh, CEO of Novarc.  
Being a cobot, Novarc’s SWR works collaboratively alongside the human operator. This technology will go a long way toward solving the ominous 70,000 skilled welder shortage predicted by Weld Australia by allowing highly-skilled welders to extend their careers, and less-skilled welders working alongside the robot to do the job that previously only highly-skilled welders could perform. The consistent result is welds with greater precision, accuracy, and speed, and a never before achieved balance of quality and productivity. 
The SWR is currently being implemented in engineering and fabrication companies across Australia. Wilson Pipe Fabrication (WPF), recently acquired by Duratec, is the first company in Western Australia to implement Novarc’s collaborative welding robot as part of the company’s commitment to invest in the latest equipment and technology. Their recent addition of Novarc’s SWR is innovating the way their workshop operates; increasing productivity, improving weld quality, and providing a solution to labour challenges.
Implementation of the SWR has shown a 3-5x increase in pipe welding productivity in carbon steel and up to 12x for stainless steel projects, potentially allowing the collaborative robot’s capital investment to be recovered in an average of six to 18 months. 
Innovative welding automation technologies, like Novarc’s SWR+HyperFill, are modernizing historic welding practices, and will also be on demonstration at AMW. SWR+HyperFill is a highly efficient, fully-integrated dual torch system that uses the patented Lincoln Electric STT GMAW process on the root, and twin wire (HyperFill) on fill and cap passes. 

The SWR+HyperFill system increases heavy fabrication productivity by increasing weld deposition rates while delivering excellent weld quality. It can be used on carbon steel pressure pipes or vessels with 0.375”-2.5” thickness and as low as 6” in diameter. The system also has the flexibility of using root-to-cap GMAW or seamlessly switching to FCAW or MCAW for the fill and cap passes.
The SWR+HyperFill system allows pipe fabrication shops to achieve higher performance and quality, increasing the margins on projects they have already won, and giving them the ability to become more competitive when bidding on key infrastructure projects,

The expanded capabilities of Novarc’s SWR+HyperFill is excellent news for the world of tube & pipe, knowing that stainless steel and pipe welding is crucial to several industries and manufacturing processes, and is a productivity game-changer for pipe fabrication shops serving the shipbuilding, building construction, oil and gas and mining industries.

Demonstration times of Novarc’s SWR+HyperFill are available at Novarc’s booth, WA740.


About Novarc Technologies Inc.:

Novarc Technologies is a full-stack robotics company specializing in the design and manufacturing of cobots and AI-based machine vision solutions for autonomous welding. Novarc’s Spool Welding Robot (SWR) is the world’s first of its kind in pipe welding applications. As a proven pioneer in the field, Novarc’s team is dedicated to solving challenging welding automation problems that improve customers’ bottom line. 

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