AI Medi Scan Introduces New At-Home Skin Cancer Detection Technology

AI Medi Scan is developing a device that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and fluorescence imaging to allow Australians to conduct skin cancer checks at home, aiming to alleviate the impact of dermatologist shortages.

AI Medi Scan

SYDNEY, July 12, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- AI Medi Scan, an Australian company, is pioneering a shift in skin cancer detection with its ongoing development of advanced diagnostic technologies. Aimed at empowering individuals and integrating with broader healthcare services, AI Medi Scan's long-term goal is to revolutionise how Australians address skin health, particularly in detecting melanoma, a prevalent cancer in the region.

The company's current R&D efforts are focused on developing a handheld device that will incorporate an expanded array of markers for better-identifying melanoma. This technology, which is still under development, will use fluorescence imaging and artificial intelligence (AI) to analyse skin abnormalities across different light spectrums, enhancing the accuracy of noninvasive diagnoses. Such advancements are geared towards supporting decision-making and automating diagnostic processes, promising a significant leap forward in skin cancer management.

AI Medi Scan was established to address Australia's severe shortage of dermatologists. With only about 600 specialists nationwide and lengthy wait times for appointments, the need for accessible skin cancer screening is critical. The technology being developed by AI Medi Scan will allow users to conduct skin checks at home, alleviating the strain on healthcare providers and offering timely access to potentially lifesaving diagnoses.

Haoyuan Ma, founder of AI Medi Scan, highlights the importance of this innovation: "Our product will not only improve diagnostic accuracy but also reduce the likelihood of false negatives, a crucial factor in skin cancer detection."

The company's innovative approach has not gone unnoticed. In 2024, AI Medi Scan received several prestigious awards, including the Gold Winner at the Titan Health Awards for "Future Innovation Design in Digital Health." They were also named Silver Winners at both the French Design Awards and the NY Product Design Awards in the technology and healthcare categories.

Looking to the future, AI Medi Scan plans to collaborate with industry partners and government agencies to implement a national risk profiling program. This initiative aims to prioritise support for vulnerable populations and integrate the company's technologies with existing healthcare services, further broadening their impact.

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AI Medi Scan is dedicated to developing innovative solutions for early skin cancer detection, using advanced artificial intelligence and imaging technologies to make diagnostic tools more accessible and efficient.

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